The power of a hello in the morning

20 December 2018
By : Jorge De Jesús

In these busy-busy times we live in

it is way too common for people to skip pleasantries in favor of going straight to work. Although there is value in being efficient, there is extreme value in taking a minute of your time and saying hello to people. It’s true that some companies are massive and saying hello to everyone is impossible. That’s completely understandable, but the core teams you work with on a day-today basis more than likely are a lot smaller and you are able to be a bit more personable.

red hair gilr waving the power of hello

And that’s taking into consideration the fact that some people work in big companies.

But what about people who work in offices with less than 50 employees? Saying good morning and going out of your way to do so can be quite a nice thing and beyond that, it can go quite a way to helping create a bond between people. Even those that don’t like each other. Because beyond being the person from X or Y department that gets on your nerves, it reminds you that we’re all in the same boat. Working at a small agency knowing everyone and interacting with everyone is easy and immensely enriching.

You see, results from important studies have revealed that people you see in the elevator or the stairs or at the water cooler or even enjoying coffee are in fact human. In these smartphone times we live in, human connections are as important as they’ve ever been. Think about it, if someone only asks you for work related things, how will you feel when you see them? Odds are that you’ll have to master the art of NOT giving an eye-roll and that’s because no one likes every interaction to include a request, instruction, or work-related banter.

Saying good morning and going out of your way to do so can be quite a nice thing

Now if you take the time

time to get to know people, to ask how they are, to care, genuinely, that goes a long way to making a team behave like a team. It’s not just doing your job correctly, it’s everyone going in the same direction, it’s caring that someone has had something for breakfast, because that matters just as much as people handing in their timesheets in a timely manner. We are human and we forget this beautiful fact too often, losing the opportunity to get to know people. And it doesn’t have to be an intimate best-friend relationship. You don’t even need to be buddy buddies and go to lunch every day… but showing you care, that shall always go a long way into making it easier for a team to go the extra mile because when people care about you, you care back. You work harder. You go the extra 3 miles and not just the 1.

Every day is an opportunity to connect, to show that you’re more than merely a co-worker, that people can trust you beyond your job description and it all begins with a hello.

man riding a bike while is waving the power of a hello


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