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15 Jul 2020

A successful project manager is always ‘in sync’:

Being a musician has helped me a lot as a project manager at PM3. And being a project manager has also helped me to become a better musician. Sounds weird? Maybe. But, in my experience, both professions have lots in common: they both need different players, working together in synchrony to create sweet music. Let me explain it to you…

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30 Jun 2020

Getting into flow can fundamentally transform

In this COVID-19 world, we all have had to adjust to new realities and circumstances each day. But now that many areas of the country are opening up, we’re realizing that our adjustment period is not over. As our expectations are continually changing, we are beginning to ask new questions. Will it always be like this? Will we ever get back to normal? What is the new normal? […]

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16 Jun 2020

This is why you need an agency with good project management in advertising

A day in the life of an advertising project manager can get pretty hectic, like many things in advertising. Let’s face it: the ad world moves fast and lives in a permanently accelerated rush mode. Yes, even during supposedly “slow times” like the ones we’re living requires that we engage in what looks like a dangerous dance with chaos to get ahead and stay ahead. How is that […]

08 Oct 2019

The Benefits of Listening to Music While Working

Ah yes, although the beauty of a misquote is a discussion topic all its own, this little phrase is what many people refer to when they say, “Music soothes the savage beast.” Despite the original text holding a far deeper meaning, this quote sticks with us because music is powerful in a myriad of ways. It’s something I could talk about for days, but for the sake of […]

21 Aug 2019

Scheduling and Hosting a Productive Meeting 101

Picture this. You’re in your office, lackadaisically browsing Amazon for something you don’t need. Then suddenly–you hear a noise. Far different than the clunky whirs of a printer and anxious clicks of a pen; this distinct sound demands you to take action. For you have just received… A NEW EMAIL. Now, your attention has been taken hostage, and in order to focus on your “work,” you must handle […]

20 Dec 2018

The power of a hello in the morning

In these busy-busy times we live in it is way too common for people to skip pleasantries in favor of going straight to work. Although there is value in being efficient, there is extreme value in taking a minute of your time and saying hello to people. It’s true that some companies are massive and saying hello to everyone is impossible. That’s completely understandable, but the core teams […]

15 Nov 2018

5 Workflow Tools We Can’t Live Without

The daily workflow in the era of technology Want to work faster? More efficient? Well, this one pill can change your li– just kidding! However, here’s a few tools our development team uses every day to speed up workflow and increase productivity. Seriously – if these tools help us on a daily basis, they’ll help you too!