#pm3 agency case studies

06 Mar 2019

From the brief to the screen (Part 2)

As for those of you that did read last week’s article, you know it’s time to begin production for the actual commercial! To start, we need to find who would be best suited to bring the idea to life. Most creative shops in this phase will start by looking for a production company. Fortunately, our agency already has an internal production team, so we let them take lead […]

27 Feb 2019

From the brief to the screen (Part 1)

Thirty seconds isn’t a significant amount of time, especially when talking about TV time. Sometimes those 30 seconds aren’t even noticeable to the audience, because people don’t watch TV for the commercials. That’s why finding the right way to impact and generate attention is so crucial when brainstorming, creating, and producing a spot. Those 30 seconds of time are critical for the client’s business and their agency’s reputation. […]

Brewers baseball team case study
30 Aug 2018

Growing the Milwaukee Brewers’ Latino Fanbase

Milwaukee is a unique place with lots of summer activities, beer, brats, and of course, baseball! Home of the Brewers, the city has been united around the sport as early as the 1880s. Despite their market being one of the smallest in the league in terms of population, the Brewers are one of the highest attended teams in the MLB. In 2016, the Brewers had 38% of the […]