#hispanic marketing

25 Apr 2019

Digital Marketing to Reach Hispanics

Don’t blink! You might miss advertising’s next best thing. For decades, advertisers targeting U.S. Hispanics have utilized traditional outlets like TV, radio, relevant magazines, and local newspapers to effectively communicate campaigns. While these conventional media vehicles supported our client’s marketing efforts for a lengthy era, the time has now come for them to take the backseat. As you know, a myriad of new opportunities emerge every year making […]

13 Feb 2019

Hispanics The Undeniable Opportunity

It’s about time we address the elephant in the room. And that elephant is the HUGE opportunity many businesses and marketers are overlooking. As for the room? Well, that’s the U.S. Hispanic market. Check it out.

29 Oct 2018

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for the Hispanic Market in 2019

The tech takeover is upon us, and U.S. Hispanics are leading the way when it comes to technology adoption. They use digital devices for many purposes, like looking for deals, searching for jobs or courses, and various day-to-day activities such as banking transactions. They are tech savvy and consume mobile video at much higher rates than non-Hispanic whites. However, translating ads and websites is not enough for the […]

Brewers baseball team case study
30 Aug 2018

Growing the Milwaukee Brewers’ Latino Fanbase

Milwaukee is a unique place with lots of summer activities, beer, brats, and of course, baseball! Home of the Brewers, the city has been united around the sport as early as the 1880s. Despite their market being one of the smallest in the league in terms of population, the Brewers are one of the highest attended teams in the MLB. In 2016, the Brewers had 38% of the […]