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29 Oct 2018

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for the Hispanic Market in 2019

The tech takeover is upon us, and U.S. Hispanics are leading the way when it comes to technology adoption. They use digital devices for many purposes, like looking for deals, searching for jobs or courses, and various day-to-day activities such as banking transactions. They are tech savvy and consume mobile video at much higher rates than non-Hispanic whites. However, translating ads and websites is not enough for the […]

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After millenials the plurals
30 Aug 2018

Marketing to the Next Generation After Millenials: the Plurals

Reaching the next the generation after Millenials, the Plurals, requires a different approach for marketing and advertising. It demands an approach that speaks their language beyond Spanish communication.  In a culture where marketers are continually vying for attention from various groups, Generation Z, AKA the Plurals, will be the ultimate challenge. However, appealing to this particular Hispanic demographic is a golden opportunity because they are projected to reach […]