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wall with graffiti art using some hispanic memes pm3 agency
31 May 2019

The deeper meaning of hispanic memes

Yet, it feels that way because we can exchange information across the globe in a snap. For me, I find it fascinating to see the diversity and rapid evolution of Latin America’s popular culture as new trends enter and older ones depart. There are many common features that unite and define pop-culture, including music, food, fashion, and of course the topic that inspired me to write this: Latin […]

15 Mar 2019

Can Advertising be Considered Art?

I’ll admit, many advertisements are far from being a masterpiece, but there is art in ads. In fact, you can find plenty of artistry in advertising around the world. You see, I’ve been working in advertising for over two decades, and while many people may see me as a designer on the surface, I am truly an artist at heart. I enjoy the privilege of running back and […]

06 Mar 2019

From the brief to the screen (Part 2)

As for those of you that did read last week’s article, you know it’s time to begin production for the actual commercial! To start, we need to find who would be best suited to bring the idea to life. Most creative shops in this phase will start by looking for a production company. Fortunately, our agency already has an internal production team, so we let them take lead […]

27 Feb 2019

From the brief to the screen (Part 1)

Thirty seconds isn’t a significant amount of time, especially when talking about TV time. Sometimes those 30 seconds aren’t even noticeable to the audience, because people don’t watch TV for the commercials. That’s why finding the right way to impact and generate attention is so crucial when brainstorming, creating, and producing a spot. Those 30 seconds of time are critical for the client’s business and their agency’s reputation. […]


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