Human Beings are Creative by Nature

16 October 2018
By : Jorge de Jesus (Copywriter)

The fear of being creative is a curious yet common thing.

“I can’t do that. I’m not creative. I don’t know how. Heck, I don’t even know how to begin.”

All around the world in all the industries and all socio-cultural contexts, there are people who fear being creative. As you can see, it’s not that they are afraid they can’t be creative, it’s that they fear being creative.

Face it, we’re all creative. Every single one of us. In some way or another – being a creative ad agency, we see creativity come from the most unlikely of places. What tends to happen is that people limit their definition of what creativity is and how healthy, helpful, and well, fun, it can be. Being creative isn’t just about writing stories, or painting, or playing an instrument. Creativity is something that impacts every aspect of life.

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An engineer needs to be creative to come up with solutions to problems. Doctors need to be creative when treating a patient with systems that are unresponsive. We have to be creative when we need to make dinner and not all the ingredients we need are there. Sure, we might not always be successful, but we are all creative. And by practicing creativity, we learn each and every single time.

Life’s problems and challenges don’t require one specific answer that works for everything. You know why? Because what works one day may not work another day. Because today’s challenges will evolve with context, needs, supply, demand, and a whole bunch of other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The fact remains that solutions come from everywhere and all it takes is someone to raise their hand and share an idea from their specific point of view. You might believe this is a rare case, but it’s more common than you think that someone with a fresh perspective was able to address a situation and present a new and viable solution. It’s because they don’t live in the box.

They haven’t faced all the buts and no’s and “we’ve tried that’s.” These solutions come from a place without fear of judgment, where the person is thinking of the problem and just the problem, not all the obstacles that could surround the problem. That’s why it’s so important to foster an environment without fear of failure or mistakes.

The fact remains that solutions come from everywhere and all it takes is someone to raise their hand

Beginner’s luck is a thing,

But beyond that, when people relax and just give something a go, weird and wonderful things can happen. They can get a strike in bowling using their non-dominant hand. They can sink a trick shot they didn’t even think was possible and therein lies an amazing thing… the impossible becomes possible, especially when you just give it a go. It’s true, sometimes it takes someone with vision to come up with a solution, but don’t look past the person who has dumb luck working overtime for them, or someone with a carefree attitude that isn’t afraid of tossing something on the wall to see what sticks.

Psst… If you feel like you’ve tried everything, don’t doubt to give us a call and get the help you need from our creative team.

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Creativity is all about trying new things.

New approaches, new paths, new angles, new anything. When you work in the creative department of an ad agency, experience teaches you to get rid of typical answers as quickly as possible so you can clear your mind enough to tap into new outlets, new messages, new perspectives based on equal parts strategy and madness. Sure, you might base messaging on key points, but part of your job is honing in on random insights that unify us and help the message resonate. It’s easy enough to talk about how a breath mint helps you not render people unconscious especially after a garlicky lunch, but put that same situation in an uncommon context that is still relatable and you’ll have yourself a message that might make people laugh, possibly think, but above all else, remember.

So fear not the creativity and allow yourself the opportunity to make a fool out of yourself. Who knows? You might have fun doing it and help your team in the process.


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