Getting into flow can fundamentally transform

your work from home experience, and your life.

30 June 2020
By : Ruthie Jenkins

In this COVID-19 world,

we all have had to adjust to new realities and circumstances each day. But now that many areas of the country are opening up, we’re realizing that our adjustment period is not over. As our expectations are continually changing, we are beginning to ask new questions. Will it always be like this? Will we ever get back to normal? What is the new normal?

If you’re lucky enough to work from home during this time, you could be facing a disruption in routine, and possibly feeling a new sense of monotony outside of the office. Just a quick search through the web will provide limitless pieces of advice, answers, checklists, and tips for working remotely to handle this adjustment—especially as WFH life may be that “new normal” many of us face.  In case you need some extra suggestions, we’re including a few of our own which you can download at the end of this post.

Think about it, you can self-analyze even using the Myers Briggs Types model and no matter which of the 16 personalities you come up with, odds are that at some point you will have to decipherhow to stay motivated working from home. Sure, checking off a list by changing small behaviors can help, but there’s an underlying root that needs to be unlocked: yourself.

Coming from someone
who chose to work from home,


and has happily enjoyed it for many years, I’ve realized how essential being in touch with who I am has changed the way I work, interact, and live my life. And when it comes to times like these, isolation isn’t my enemy—apathy is. It’s a dedication to a constant pursuit of betterment that creates order out of disorder, and happiness out of chaos. It’s all about getting into Flow.

csikszentmihalyi flow work from home motivation means people involved in their activity pm3 agency blog

As Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi states while explaining flow psychology,

Flow is, “the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.”

This is reached by constantly being engaged in an effort to improve your skills and challenges towards tasks that lead to fulfillment—it’s a cycle of improvement. Essentially, flow positive psychology is all about creating truly enjoyable experiences unique to you—your abilities, your skills, your dreams.

It is my hope that the rest of this piece can help you transition on a more fundamental level to make working from home a highly enjoyable and “optimal experience” for now and whatever is to come, while also including some of the best tips to work from home I can think of. So, here’s a non-checklist… checklist on how to find that Flow while working from home… let’s call it an approach instead, because that sounds way more relaxed and accessible than spelling Csikszentmihalyi flow!

Check out our non-checklist

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