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Speaking DIY

As you know, Hispanic DIY folks enjoy fixing any and everything, including cars. More than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, there’s a community, and as with any group, it’s not just the passion that brings people together. When DIYers talk, they use their own language. And NAPA excels at this. Their associates are also experts, which also sets them apart from the competition.

The Challenge
Wholesale business for NAPA is facing challenges and Retail needs to grow enough to even things out.
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The Ask from NAPA Auto Parts
Develop a campaign that helps position NAPA as the preferred choice among Hispanic DIYers to increase online and in-store traffic. Take into account the changing demographics in this category and demands from the customers and develop something that embodies NAPA’s main competitive advantage, which is expertise and service from people who speak the same language as DIYers.
Capitalizing on the pre-existing lingo that automotive DIYers already use, we gave it a unique name:
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Redlined Results!
The numbers speak for themselves
Success is best expressed in simple language: Store visits for Q2 2019 were the second highest ever recorded.
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We did WAY more with less
Budgets get adjusted every day and we’re used to that. We’re also used to finding solutions that maximize your spending dollar and identifying opportunities for you to make each dollar count.
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