Cox brand

A Decade of Growth

When companies want to expand their market share and reach more Hispanics, they come to us. Cox Communications came to us in 2007 and we’ve been amigos ever since.

10 years cox case study pm3 agency

Cox Communications

brought us on board to expand their Hispanic customer base with an integrated marketing strategy.

This wasn’t our first fiesta, so we hit the ground running. Using undeniable insights, we crafted TV spots, mobile advertisements, and direct mailers that spoke to the Latin-American demographics on a personal basis.

10 years cox case study pm3 agency
10 years cox case study pm3 agency

Since we began crafting messaging to Hispanics for Cox, Hispanics have outperformed the general market three to one. In 2007 Cox had a net gain of over


high speed internet customers in the same year.

We’ve maintained great results ever since. Recently,

we nearly doubled Cox’s Latino Pak signups from 2016 to 2017.

Stay tuned, because we’re not done yet!