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Google Discovery ads. Amazon, complement or rival for your e-commerce success. Become a social media celeb with Botnet

9 April 2020
By : Victor Manzano

It doesn’t take Google Lens to see all the stridesthe company makes continuously to keep ahead of the curve. Used by 800 million people, and counting, Google Discover is the new name for Google Feed, which allows iPhone and Android users to personalize their newsfeed by following or unfollowing chosen topics.

Being one of the top latest trends in digital marketing, Google Discovery Ads are immersive and interactive, so advertisers who leverage on them will have the ability to showcase a single image of their product or multiple images in a swipeable carousel format.

The purpose of these ads is to show your customers something they want before they know they want it.

In other words, they generate demand rather than responding to pre-existing demand.

So, if you are asking yourself whether or not to try them, consider placing them in front of the right people and tailoring your messages to their preferences –or you can always ask our digital team for professional advice–.

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E-commerce for most people means amazon commerce.

We all know that Amazon changed the way people shop, but now and then, we get data that tells us how much the retail experience has changed since Amazon. A study conducted by Feedvisor asked 2,000 consumers to demonstrate how reliant people are on the Amazon Market Place, through all stages of the shopping journey.

The study had four key findings that brands need to consider. Here are some featured snippets talking about these findings for you to consider in regards to their impact in some of the most important social media marketing trends in 2020.

1- 89% of consumers are more likely to buy products from Amazon than any other e-commerce site.

This means that if your brand has an e-commerce site, and you see Amazon as a competitor, you face a harsh journey ahead. Amazon thrives on convenience (they’ve got our shipping address, payment methods, and familiar research interface). In addition, Prime has a significant psychological lock-in effect on the consumer.

2- Prime members are very loyal.

This program continues to boost Amazon’s success. It offers several incentives that make it easier for people to shop more frequently. For example, with your $119 fee, you get free one-day shipping, so why not take advantage of that? The website also filters products, which channels a large amount of consumers (around 67%) to go directly to Prime items when shopping on the platform.

Also, nearly half of their members (48%) buy products once a week or more frequently and 74% shop at least every few weeks.  

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3- It is indispensable throughout the shopping journey.

Amazon is the place consumers go during all phases of their purchasing decisions – from initial research to reading reviews, checking prices to a final purchase. 66% of consumers start their search for a new product on Amazon, compared to only 20% who do it on a search engine.

4- People are looking for recognizable brands on Amazon.

Feedvisor’s survey also found that 74% of consumers cited brand names as an essential factor when selecting a product, with 59% of those cited brand name as a significant factor. So, despite all the noise around Amazon’s label brands, consumers are still looking for established markers of quality brands.

So when thinking about your business, take a look at these numbers when you decide how to deal with Amazon. The two clearest options is to see them as an essential complement for your e-commerce success or as a hard to beat rival.


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Yes, just like you heard, now anyone can be an influencer thanks to a new social media platform called Botnet, where you are the only human along with millions of bots who are your obsessed followers. Botnet is an app available for iOS and Android and feels like the blend of three big apps: the layout of Facebook, the commenting system of Instagram, and the anarchy of Twitter.

It also uses emojis, just like on Instagram or Twitter. The first replies you get when posting are the same emojis people use to reply on a real message (stars, smiley faces, hearts, etc.)

The human-like response is so real that you might think they are using some “humans.” The truth is that it works with an algorithm called GPT-2 created by OpenAI and trained on “millions of internet comments”. So, this is a place where you can be yourself and have millions of followers. Remember, bots like you, but so far will never judge you. Although how this will impact digital marketing trends in 2020 is still to be seen, one thing’s for sure, it’ll keep us guessing.

We will have to wait and see how brands can leverage this and other developing social media trends, how they will impact influencer marketing, and just how many bots will be our fans in the future. In the meantime, if you’d like to see how we’re keeping up with these and many more digital marketing trends, stay tuned at this blog or check out our Digital Marketing Capabilities in case we can help you find the solutions you need.

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