COVID-19 is impacting the Hispanic market

Here is how brands can earn their trust

15 April 2020
By : Ruthie Jenkins

The Situation: The current COVID-19 crisis is impacting the nation in ways we could have never imagined. But although these are hard times for many, we are seeing people, companies, and governments coming together in supportive ways. Our full report, available to download here, will evaluate brands’ overall response to COVID-19, reveal how the Hispanic market is affected, and what brands can do to support this large and powerful segment during a time of need. But first, we’d like to give you sneak peek of the current overall response. As stated above, there’s some good news regarding the initial steps brands have taken to address the impact the Coronavirus has had on businesses. Many brands, including Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and Hershey’s took immediate response days before COVID-19 was declared a national emergency, and even before it was declared a pandemic by the WHO. Most initial actions by brands included cancelling events and ensuring media was sensitive to the crisis.

quarantine workplace with a post -it that says the office is quaratined work from home because of coronavirus pandemic

But as social responsibility is becoming more demanded by consumers today, many brands also took initiative to develop unique covid-19 advertising and marketing information to help their clients. On March 13th, Guinness was the first brand to do so, and with fantastic results—the spot was ranked the #1 beer ad of all time among beer drinkers. In fact, 62 national TV advertisers released unique creative for COVID-19 as of March 26th.


Many brands are taking this responsibility seriously and are also offering broad support to their customers in times of crisis, while establishing new marketing trends and effects from COVID-19 we can all learn from. With schools closed and most families stuck at home, internet service providers were also some of the earliest responders to the crisis. The quick response of this category even gained praise from the president, who, “thanked these leaders for not only rising to the increased demand, but extending services to all Americans at no additional cost and for waiving bills and late fees for those experiencing financial hardship.” Verizon was one of these early actors as they launched unique creative, We’re Here. And We’re Ready to give the public reassurance. But as low income and minority groups need services now more than ever, they have been the first and only brand to date to also specifically include Hispanics in their unique creative.

“Millions of us will be changing the way we live and work for some time. That’s why we’re relentlessly committed to making sure the network is ready for whatever comes its way.”—Verizon.

It is critical to make sure your brand is ready to address Hispanics during this time of need. To learn more about COVID-19 insights and trends, how it is impacting Hispanics, and to gain an insight-driven perspective on how brands can help them overcome this crisis,

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