Change and Permanence: what 2019 holds for us

28 December 2018
By : Hernán Feuermann

This isn’t science fiction

This is real. As you read this blog post, people in Sweden are waiting in lines to have microchips inserted under their skin. These tiny chips are no bigger than a grain of rice, and once inserted into a person’s thumb, will allow them to access their homes, offices, and gyms by swiping their hand against a digital reader. The microchips can even store contact details, social media profiles, medical records, and e-tickets. We are now moving from handheld phones to technology inside our bodies.

In the near future, people will be able to carry out a natural conversation with someone speaking a different language using Google’s Pixel Buds. From a multicultural perspective, this means the barrier of language could easily be erased moving forward.

With the surge of virtual and augmented reality, the potential to create breakthrough content seems limitless. These technologies have been on the rise for years, but have begun to take off during 2018, especially in the retail environment, gaming, and e-sports. They will continue to evolve throughout 2019.

man using voice assitant digital trends pm3 agency

Voice-activated virtual assistants

These devices are expected to completely automate homes in the coming years; from microwave ovens to coffee machines. This will eventually change the game on the marketing side once machines start learning our tastes to the point that they will be able to predict them. So, imagine a future where a computer, and not a consumer, will be deciding which brand fulfills your needs in the best way. Nowadays, dash buttons and subscription-based products are making it harder for new brands to break that cycle.

It’s also important to note the huge inequalities that exist in the modern era, a gap that technology tends to deepen. Despite everything described above, there are still 1.3 billion -yes, billion- people that lack access to electricity. Also, there are almost 3 billion people with no Internet access whatsoever.

Voice-activated virtual assistants these devices are expected to completely automate homes in the coming years

However, technology knows nothing about this; it just keeps moving forward changing lives and industries at a pace we have never seen before in human history. On the marketing side, digital capabilities have ramped up the speed of communications, so much so, that now we can know in real time what our consumers are doing on their devices at all times. That means we need to act fast to provide them with a seamless consumer experience in their path to purchase while optimizing messages, strategies, and tactics for every step of their journey.

In spite of this ever-changing world, there is something that will always remain the same: human nature. According to Robert Plutchik, there are eight basic emotions, and although technology is changing the world as you read this blog post, these emotions will remain the same time after time. These basic emotions evolved in response to ecological challenges faced by our remote ancestors, and each of them corresponds to a dedicated neurological circuit. They are innate, universal, and trigger automatic behaviors. We, as marketers, know that the only way to get to the heart of a consumer is through these emotions. Finding that emotion that’s powerful enough to change a consumption pattern. (see an example of that, here).

multi-screen content consuption latest digital trends pm3 agency

At PM3 we start every campaign with what we call the EQuest®

The EQuest® is a proprietary tool we created. Basically, it’s an analytical process we use to establish the key factors needed for a successful communication effort. It’s called a “quest” because it is mostly a process of discovery. At the end of our search, we will have identified the underlining emotion which allows us to establish an indestructible bond with our target consumer.

Nobody knows what the future holds, and that is something that can occasionally be frightening for us, and our consumers too. But, as marketers, we at least know those basic emotions will not change, making it easier for us to make a consumer fall in love with a brand.

In closing, let’s hope 2019 brings new inspiring creativity and a world with fewer inequities, where more and more people can take advantage of what new technologies have to offer.

Safe and Happy Holidays to All!

People using EQuest® propietary tool of pm3 agency latest digital trends


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