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21 Aug 2019

Scheduling and Hosting a Productive Meeting 101

Picture this. You’re in your office, lackadaisically browsing Amazon for something you don’t need. Then suddenly–you hear a noise. Far different than the clunky whirs of a printer and anxious clicks of a pen; this distinct sound demands you to take action. For you have just received… A NEW EMAIL. Now, your attention has been taken hostage, and in order to focus on your “work,” you must handle […]

08 Mar 2019

Communication and Negotiation in a Multicultural Environment

Sometimes we don’t even notice, because it’s revealed through our eye movements or facial expressions, but nevertheless, we are negotiating. An article from BBC based on a study published in the magazine, Evolution and Human Behaviour, says that frowning is not to scare people away, but an intrinsic technique of negotiation to get what we want. The harder it looks like we are going to make it for […]

15 Nov 2018

5 Workflow Tools We Can’t Live Without

The daily workflow in the era of technology Want to work faster? More efficient? Well, this one pill can change your li– just kidding! However, here’s a few tools our development team uses every day to speed up workflow and increase productivity. Seriously – if these tools help us on a daily basis, they’ll help you too!