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16 Jun 2020

This is why you need an agency with good project management in advertising

A day in the life of an advertising project manager can get pretty hectic, like many things in advertising. Let’s face it: the ad world moves fast and lives in a permanently accelerated rush mode. Yes, even during supposedly “slow times” like the ones we’re living requires that we engage in what looks like a dangerous dance with chaos to get ahead and stay ahead. How is that […]

18 Dec 2019

The Fickle Battlefield for Consumers
A brief write-up on AI, AR, & VR marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) are reshaping the world around us. That’s quite extraordinary, seeing that these technologies are still in their infantile years. Think about it. Now, we have virtual shopping, home automation, digital currencies, online relationships, and so on. Reality is quickly fading as more people are learning to live in this virtual world created by technology. The battlefield where brands […]

25 Apr 2019

Digital Marketing to Reach Hispanics

Don’t blink! You might miss advertising’s next best thing. For decades, advertisers targeting U.S. Hispanics have utilized traditional outlets like TV, radio, relevant magazines, and local newspapers to effectively communicate campaigns. While these conventional media vehicles supported our client’s marketing efforts for a lengthy era, the time has now come for them to take the backseat. As you know, a myriad of new opportunities emerge every year making […]

06 Mar 2019

From the brief to the screen (Part 2)

As for those of you that did read last week’s article, you know it’s time to begin production for the actual commercial! To start, we need to find who would be best suited to bring the idea to life. Most creative shops in this phase will start by looking for a production company. Fortunately, our agency already has an internal production team, so we let them take lead […]

27 Feb 2019

From the brief to the screen (Part 1)

Thirty seconds isn’t a significant amount of time, especially when talking about TV time. Sometimes those 30 seconds aren’t even noticeable to the audience, because people don’t watch TV for the commercials. That’s why finding the right way to impact and generate attention is so crucial when brainstorming, creating, and producing a spot. Those 30 seconds of time are critical for the client’s business and their agency’s reputation. […]