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09 Dec 2020

REFOCUS: The silver lining to our “new normal”

Simply put: COVID-19 awakened us to realize where we need to place greater priority in our lives. 7 out of 10 respondents literally claimed they’ve “had a wakeup call” for them to focus on their families unhealthy habits.    

19 Nov 2020

Black Friday won’t be cancelled this year,

Is Black Friday 2020 Cancelled? The answer is no. Although Black Friday won’t be the same in 2020, brands and consumers refuse to give up on this day, which has pretty much become part of our culture and has even been adopted in several other countries. Sure, this year won’t have the typical crowds in stores, but most stores will definitely do Black Friday and have established plans […]

31 Jul 2020

Why do I need a creative strategy in my marketing plan?

I know the answer you’re waiting for: “creativity is the fuel and engine of this business” and “it is vital for a marketing plan.” But when I turn on the TV –or your preferred way of consuming entertainment– the answer is anything but clear. I take off my shoes, lay down on the bed, grab the remote and turn on the TV. In an endless process of zapping […]

15 Jul 2020

A successful project manager is always ‘in sync’:

Being a musician has helped me a lot as a project manager at PM3. And being a project manager has also helped me to become a better musician. Sounds weird? Maybe. But, in my experience, both professions have lots in common: they both need different players, working together in synchrony to create sweet music. Let me explain it to you…

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30 Jun 2020

Getting into flow can fundamentally transform

In this COVID-19 world, we all have had to adjust to new realities and circumstances each day. But now that many areas of the country are opening up, we’re realizing that our adjustment period is not over. As our expectations are continually changing, we are beginning to ask new questions. Will it always be like this? Will we ever get back to normal? What is the new normal? […]

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16 Jun 2020

This is why you need an agency with good project management in advertising

A day in the life of an advertising project manager can get pretty hectic, like many things in advertising. Let’s face it: the ad world moves fast and lives in a permanently accelerated rush mode. Yes, even during supposedly “slow times” like the ones we’re living requires that we engage in what looks like a dangerous dance with chaos to get ahead and stay ahead. How is that […]

08 May 2020

Reinventing your brand without a Brand Mascot

Imagine Nesquik without the bunny, Cheetos without the coolness of Chester Cheetah, or how about Rice Krispies without the company of Snap, Crackle, and Pop! Those are just a few examples to mention, but the fact is that many of those memorable characters that we grew up with, children from countless countries will never have the chance to see in action. You might think that’s sad, but for […]

Agency News
volunteer extends his hand to help fight impact of covid 19 on hispanic market
15 Apr 2020

COVID-19 is impacting the Hispanic market

The Situation: The current COVID-19 crisis is impacting the nation in ways we could have never imagined. But although these are hard times for many, we are seeing people, companies, and governments coming together in supportive ways. Our full report, available to download here, will evaluate brands’ overall response to COVID-19, reveal how the Hispanic market is affected, and what brands can do to support this large and […]

09 Apr 2020

Digital marketing trends in 2020

It doesn’t take Google Lens to see all the strides the company makes continuously to keep ahead of the curve. Used by 800 million people, and counting, Google Discover is the new name for Google Feed, which allows iPhone and Android users to personalize their newsfeed by following or unfollowing chosen topics. Being one of the top latest trends in digital marketing, Google Discovery Ads are immersive and […]

24 Feb 2020

Moving to America

From this innate desire, I’ve developed a mentality that allows me to visualize everything with an open mind. While lending yourself to new things usually sparks feelings of insecurity and fear, these moments are essential for learning and growing. Having the initiative to get out of your comfort zone helps you discover the world around you. As you can imagine, this process isn’t easy, but it has provided […]


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