A Personal Take on Hispanic Heritage

7 September 2018
By : Aurora Juarez (Account Executive)

I have always found myself to be connected to the Hispanic culture even though I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I can attribute my multicultural upbringing to my family’s diverse background. With a mother from Panama, father from Spain, and my grandparents hailing from Guatemala and Cuba,
I guess you could say I’m very multicultural.

My parents raised me to only speak Spanish at home, and I attended the Atlanta International School, where I was immersed into Spanish-only classes. My life is surrounded by people of Hispanic heritage, from working at PM3 to all of my friends.
I have always known that I am very fortunate to be Hispanic because I enjoy everything it entails, such as the delicious food, energizing music, strong family values, and loving people.


hands up of hispanics celebrating hispanic heritage month

Having a multicultural family and friends is a blessing, but also going to work and being surrounded by such a diverse community brings it full-circle. At our agency, there are people from everywhere, including Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and the list keeps going. Everyone has their own dialect, slang, food preferences, music selections, and despite our Hispanic differences, we all still manage to understand and appreciate each other. Being Hispanic is a blessing, and I hope everyone can truly appreciate their own roots and always be open to learning about different cultures.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!


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