5 Workflow Tools We Can’t Live Without

15 November 2018
By : Wilson Bustos González (Senior Developer)

The daily workflow in the era of technology

Want to work faster? More efficient? Well, this one pill can change your li– just kidding! However, here’s a few tools our development team uses every day to speed up workflow and increase productivity. Seriously – if these tools help us on a daily basis, they’ll help you too!

Here are a few benefits to expect when using these innovative tools:

  • Making your company more competitive in the market
  • Optimization of time and resources
  • Decreasing work-related errors
  • Generate more free time for you, family-time, training your pet squirrel, etc.
  • Creating profitable opportunities for your company to inform and excel
  • Easier workplace communication for projects

Everyone’s day-to-day tasks are different. Maybe you handle business operations or have to conduct intensive research. Perhaps you work in a highly collaborative atmosphere, or on the contrary, you deal with confidential information on a daily basis. Whatever it is that you do to earn a paycheck, these tools will help you do more and outperform your peers.

Seriously – if these tools help us on a daily basis, they’ll help you too!



For reading enthusiasts who don’t have enough time to consume all the content they’re interested in and need to save it for later, we present to you… Pocket. This is one of the best, free applications available online and for mobile(IOS and Android). Pocket helps you manage different sites, articles, and videos obtained from the internet and lets you save them in the cloud. Plus, it synchronizes them on all your devices so you can enjoy whatever you saved earlier when you finally have some free time.

One of the most outstanding features of this service is that it omits the unnecessary elements of the saved article to keep distractions minimal.

Pocket is also available as an extension for different web browsers so you can easily save your favorite articles and everything else with just a couple of clicks.

Application link: https://getpocket.com/

young girl using pocket tool for easy digital reading
trello tool for manage tasks and daily workflow


If you’ve ever had to plan, lead, or be a part of a project, there’s a 99.99% chance you’ve encountered a few problems. These “setbacks” usually come in the form of deadline delays, loss of information and time, or even communication problems between team members. The good news is that my team has found a platform that mitigates these problems and optimizes everyone’s efforts. Introducing our favorite project management tool, Trello.

Trello is a web software that helps you manage projects of all kinds, from start to finish. Even though Trello already helps your team expedite project completion, it also comes in the form of an app, for IOS and Android, so you can manage on the go. To bring things full-circle, it’s also available as a desktop app for Mac, Microsoft Windows, and is compatible with modern browsers.

With many different clients from various industries, my team never knows what we’re going to be assigned next, but we can always expect outrageous deadlines. However, thanks to Trello, we’ve been able to consistently crush those daunting deadlines and tasks, because it adapts to any project, team, and workflow. It allows members to intuitively organize tasks and activities into virtual boards, which can be classified by states or any other type of categorization your project requires. In addition, the platform allows you to configure important parameters for projects, such as team assignments, start dates, deadlines, highlighted milestones, checklists, and attaching support files for each task. From communicating with team members to getting notifications for what’s next, Trello is the one-size-fits-all solution for any business.

Please note: This may not be the sexiest tool, but it will definitely make you (and your team) look good.

Application link: https://trello.com/

Lightshot Screenshot

It’s fair to say that most of us know how to take a screenshot on a computer. But, what if you want to make comments or modifications on that screenshot? That can be complicated if you don’t have a professional editing tool. That’s where Lightshot Screenshot comes into play. This free tool lets you capture what you have on screen and also offers other advantages such as being a powerful online editor of photographs. The majority of us aren’t graphic artists with expensive programs, which is why the creators made it very intuitive.

Some of the more outstanding features of this tool include fast screen capturing of selected areas, ease of use – thanks to its simple interface, sharing images through the Internet, powerful online editing, and you can even search for similar images. Lightshot Screenshot extensions can be downloaded to your browser so you can quickly access, manage, and manipulate any screenshot. It can be a handy tool for when you need to provide specific feedback from afar or if you just want to make your gorgeous selfies that much better.

Application link: https://app.prntscr.com

lightshot tool for do screenshots and modify them tips for work



When it comes to planning and creating a party, seminar, or any occasion that brings people together, Eventbrite is a must. This website and app combo contains everything you need including helpful tips and ideas to make your event amazing from start to finish.

With a slick and intuitive user interface, Eventbrite allows you to control absolutely everything for your event. Creating an event page is extremely easy, even for rookies, but there’s still plenty of resources and people to help you along the way just in case. If you decide to charge admission to your event, their platform includes customized payment options and security to ensure a comfortable transaction for the paying and receiving party.

One of the more noteworthy features of this platform is the option to manage and track sales with reports and analytics in real time, from any device. There’s also an option to share your event on social networks so you can find and reach more audiences to increase attendance beyond your immediate circle of friends. Regardless of your party/ event planning experience, Eventbrite is the best way to turn your vision into a reality in the digital age.

Application link: https://www.eventbrite.com/

Eventbrite allows you to control absolutely everything for your event



With hackers on the rise, it’s high time you ditched the old “ABC123” password and started making them more intricate. The problem is, remembering unique passwords for your email accounts, social networks, banks, and other tech platforms is overwhelming. Also, scribbling passwords in notebooks isn’t going to help, because they tend to get lost or disappear when we need them the most. If only there were a solution to such a dilemma…

Cue the creation of LastPass. Mind you; this tool requires you to store your passwords in your account first, so don’t forget them just yet. But after that, you can let password problems be a thing of the past. That means you no longer have to deal with complicated procedures to recover them like the annoying authentication processes. With LastPass on your side, you’ll never be locked out of essential platforms in crucial moments again, thus optimizing your workflow. Now, you can access all your passwords by simply entering your master password. One password and that’s it. Of course, willingly sharing the keys to your digital castle is a bit nerve-wracking, which is why the creators implemented powerful encryption algorithms for peace of mind and security.

Like many of the tools aforementioned, LastPass stores all information in the cloud so you can have it on all of your devices and desktop browsers. All in all, if you want to simplify your trove of passwords and keep your digital assets safe, this is the way to go.

Application link: https://www.lastpass.com

tips for work better lastpass tool for keep secure passwords


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