We are restless minds, rebellious minds, creative minds, and proactive minds. We are poets, sculptors, and dreamers who come from ten different countries and speak multiple languages. We are nostalgic immigrants and comic book fan girls; taco lovers, proud rule-breakers, millenials, Gen-Xers, and binge-watching artists. Our minds are open, inquisitive, quick, and minty-fresh. We base everything we do on our services triad: Direct response, TV/radio production, and digital. Because it’s well known—good things come in threes. Like, three wishes from a genie, the three primary colors, or most importantly: three parts to a story: the beginning, the middle, and the end. This is the PM3 story, we represent the untapped consumers in all their plurality, which means we know how to spark that special chemistry and emotionally connect them to your brand. So yeah, we’re not average. We’re Plural Minds.


And that love yields extraordinary things

We believe a brand’s story should complement a consumer’s journey in pursuit of their happiness. In this story, the consumer is the hero, the brand is the sage, and the brand’s product is the instrument with which the hero transforms their life.
At PM3, we turn this story into a reality and create deep, empowering bonds between consumers and brands.

Check out our portfolio—digital, print, TV, radio, experiential—we’ve done it all.


We don’t just have cultural expertise, we have actual cultural experience.

Our team has walked paths through various countries, markets, and life experiences – all of which have brought us here, The PM3 Way.

The PM3 way

Understanding a market isn’t just about speaking the language. It’s about understanding its culture, values, behaviors, motivations and aspirations. The PM3 Way is a process that we use to create communication strategies that produce immediate and measurable results. It’s a process that allows us to reach our target market and have a conversation with them. It’s how PM3 creates a special chemistry between brands and consumers.

Our skills



We don’t just connect consumer and brand; we creatively empower both to build unique worlds in which emotional loyalty thrives. Persuasion is our strong suit, and retention is our challenge. And we love a good challenge.


We treat clients like people—and branding should reflect just that. By creating a fully three-dimensional identity, we set their brand apart and make them a tangible part of the consumer’s world. Engagement ensues.


Digital, like multiculturalism, is an integral part of our strategy and never an afterthought. We are always on top of our game, which in the digital age means constant evolution and ever-changing ideas.


We organize impactful events locally and have even worked internationally with professional soccer. We are right there with you, at the most personal and powerful level of consumer interaction with your brand.

Public Relations

PR is a natural complement to advertising and marketing initiatives. Our PR plans create brand consciousness and community values that are needed for developing trust between your company and your customers.


Our curiosity drives us to study, record, and analyze our findings. It makes our monumental task of persuading, well, less monumental and more scientific.


At the core of human psyche is the concept of significance. Humans are social beings and yearn for a sense of belonging—we want to be heard and understood. Through social media, we’re always ready to connect on the deepest of human levels.


We take on the role of coordinating the research and strategy needed to execute the planning phase of a project, which leads to the development of effective creative. We assure that our clients’ brands will reach consumers at the right time and in the right language.


We help our clients identify opportunities and take advantage of evolving technology and innovation. And by integrating Hispanic and General Market strategies, we create a unique synergy between both markets and a multiplier effect for our clients.